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100% Natural Dog Treats Made With Chicken Liver and Turmeric - Heads Up For Tails

23 January 2020

It's only recently that I've been reading about the kind of chemicals and harmful products dog and pet foods can have, I know, ignorance is bliss, right?

But, better late than never. Having adopted a more intentional and holistic self-care routine for myself, I thought it was time to do the same for my pet dog as well.

I have a Pekingese who is 9 years old. He is white in colour and the most docile being on the face of planet earth.

natural doggie treats

What I liked most about these doggie treats from heads up for tails?

  • They are 100% natural
  • Slow cooked for over 12 hours; all nutrients retained.
  • Contains turmeric; antibiotic.
  • Hormone and preservative free.
  • Liver from farm fresh, healthy chicken.

The ingredients

  1. Chicken Liver
  2. Turmeric

Shelf Life: 9 months, if stored appropriately.

Storage Instructions: Refrigerate up to 1 month after opening for guaranteed freshness.

Feeding Instructions

  • Small Dogs: 2-3 pieces per day
  • Medium Dogs: 3-4 pieces per day
  • Large Dogs: 4-5 pieces per day

label information of natural doggie treats

Why I really like this doggie treat over any other treats out there in the market?

I like a well-behaved dog, and I believe in positive reinforcement. Every time my dog does something good and puts forth excellent behaviour, I reward him with these treats. He loves them, and mind you he's a very picky, and fussy eater.

I used to feed him Jer-High Salami, which now I've stopped as I've found a better and natural alternative

The Packaging and Labelling 

It comes packaged in a what-looks-like a brown paper bag, but on the inside, it has a plastic seal-in for preserving the food contents. Because of this plastic lining, even if you drop water on it, the food inside is safe. Which is a good thing, but overall, plastic is bad for the environment.

I'm trying to use less and less plastic in my life, but somethings such as these become unavoidable. I do believe in recycling, and I will recycle this bag to keep my dog's grooming essentials in it. 

As far as labelling goes, I love the job that has been done. The instructions, the manufacturing date, shelf-life, use before, and all other important information is properly labelled in a reasonably large font. 

Nutritional Information is also provided on the back. Over-all the packaging feels down-to-earth and natural, minus the plastic inside. But I understand why it could have been necessary to have some plastic in there. 

natural doggie treats

The Nutrition

Now, let's talk nutrition. Dogs need proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for a healthy body. These treats contain protein and fat and are actually a good source of these two macro-nutrients. Along with that, these 100% natural doggie treats contain turmeric which helps boost immunity. 

So I believe it's a win, for my dog. Every-time I feed him this treat, he is happy, and his nutritional needs are also taken care of.

Will I buy these treats again?

Definitely! My Pekingese really likes them, and they are high-quality treats that don't harm my dog's health.

Where can I get these treats from?

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