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17 January 2020

How To Make A Floral Watercolour Banner

floral watercolour banner diy

I love making floral, loose watercolour banners. They work so well in my bullet journal and so many other places. To be honest, who doesn't love floral banners??

The materials you'll need

  1. Watercolours (you can use any, even student grade but I use Koi)
  2. Watercolour Brushes (I use a combination of watercolour brushes, they are linked to my favourite brushes kit here.)
  3. Watercolour paper (depending on the result I want, I choose between cold-pressed or hot-pressed paper, for this illustration I used cold-pressed watercolour paper.)
  4. Pencil (Any regular pencil will do)
  5. Kneaded eraser (I use these)
  6. Masking Tape (To hold the paper in place)
  7. Water in a jar 
  8. Tissues (Any would do but I use this quality as I love the absorbency these have.)

You'll need to start with a detailed sketch

detailed pencil sketch of the watercolour floral bannner

As always, the backbone of every painting is a decent and detailed pencil sketch. I start with a sketch I am satisfied with and then using a kneaded eraser I lift off the graphite from the paper.

This makes the overall sketch lighter and it makes sure pencil marks won't show through after I start to watercolour it.

Laying in the colours

adding colour in banner

I used my Koi watercolours for painting this banner.

I use Bianyo brushes, as I really like their quality. The brush size I used was 8.

I used clear water to wet the section I was working on and went on to mix Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber Terracotta from my Koi palette.

Carefully laying the colours in. It's really important to know that you should start with a light placement of colours and gradually build it up.

fully coloured banner

As you can see, I'm done building up my layers and the colours are looking vibrant, with the shadows and highlights being in place, the banner part is finished.

Add in the florals

watercolouring florals

Now I wanted to start with the floral embellishments, so I switch to a size 0 Daler and Rowney brush.

The colours I used were very watery mixes of:

  • Cobalt Blue: For the light blue florals.
  • Quinacridone Rose: For the pink florals.
  • Viridian Hue: For the green foliage.
  • Yellow Ochre: For the centre part of the florals.

Tip: Make sure that you mix each colour with a lot of water to dilute it and might it a lighter shade.

The final make

floral banner

Here is how it turned out finally! I hope you like it. I will have an inked sketch printable ready for you in a few days so you can practise making this banner as well. 

It is perfect for bullet journaling or sticker making.

Please feel free to use it for your personal use, however commercial use is not allowed.  

Get your copy of the sticker

floral banner sticker

I am selling the sticker called preserve darlin' made out of this artwork. You can purchase it at my shop if you like! Use it to stick behind your phone cover, laptop, cupboards, iPads, notebooks or anything else you want!

2.50 USD on Redbubble

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