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24 September 2020

Product Review: GK Hair Serum - Hair Taming System With Juvexin

gk hair taming system with juvexin pro line review

This product review has been way overdue. I bought the serum from Geetanjali in 2017 and I used it till 2020 (beginning - before the lockdown), needless to say, I had enough time to properly review this particular product. 

I was recommended this serum by the hairstylist doing my hair, I had not previously heard of it of researched it before buying. 

It was expensive, but for the amount of time it lasted for me, I no longer feel that it was a very expensive buy. To be very honest, I had a love/hate relationship with this hair serum. 

This could be the texture of my hair or just me who was at that time venturing into natural and healthier alternatives to daily-use hair care products, but we'll get into all that detail later.

Before I mention any of the details, I want to start out with some basic factors that could be the reason you decide to buy or not to buy this product. 

Product Information

This product has passed the EAC mark.

The quantity of the product mentioned on the bottle/packaging is an estimated value.

This product contains recyclable packaging. This means you can keep the bottle use re-use it.

The product comes with most of the details mentioned in a separate leaflet.

This product is not PETA certified.

This means this product may not be for you if you're a vegan! I'll get into a detailed ingredient check later on in this post, but first, let's look into the product packaging.

Product Packaging

The GK Hair Serum comes in a cardboard-like paper packaging, but it looks good. It's shiny and appeals to the masses.  Please bear with me as I did not intend to review this product and lost its outer packaging and the leaflet that came with it.

For this reason alone, I'll be talking about the product itself that is the bottle and the product inside it. I'm sorry, couldn't go into more details as I bought this product way back and am relying only on my memory for the packaging I lost.

Let's talk about everything that's mentioned on the bottle.

gk hair serum with juvexin review front bottle

Did I mention I also lost the silver-ish shiny cap? Sorry about that as well in case you wanted to see it.

The front of the bottle is packed with the logo of the company, the product name and the product quantity information. Very standard, so that's a good thing.

back side of the gk hair serum with hair taming system

The back of the bottle contains a description of the product:

Anti-frizz smoothing serum

The directions for using the product

Apply sparingly to damp or dry hair

And a standard caution that warns that the product should not be kept somewhere children can reach, should not come into contact with your eyes and is to be stored in a cool and dry place.

Then the ingredients and finally how to reach out to the company along with a barcode.

Thankfully, the expiry and manufacture dates are mentioned on the backside of the bottle and not the leaflet I lost.

Now, let's look at my favourite part. The ingredients.

Ingredients Check

Cylclopentasiloxane: This is a silicone, it is not derived naturally but manufactured synthetically. It's used in hair care and styling products are to make your hair feel soft, manageable and shiny. It provides a slippery feel to your hair. [Source]

Dimethicone Crosspolymer: This is also a silicone, usually combined with silicones like cyclopentasiloxane to control the texture and thickness of the product. Also acts as an emollient. [Source]

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil a.k.a Argan Oil: This is a natural ingredient. It is full of fatty acids and is a very good moisturiser. [Source]

Parfum: Another name for added fragrance. Usually artificial fragrances. If you're sensitive to parfum/perfume/fragrances this may not be the product for you.

Hydrolyzed Keratin (Juvexin): While it is derived from sheep's wool and is able to penetrate your hair shaft and repair it making your hair smooth and shiny, I doubt it isn't manufactured in a lab. It will moisturise your hair. Otherwise, I don't think its a "bad" ingredient. [Source]

CI 47000 a.k.a Yellow Colourant: This is a colourant, it gives a yellow pigment to this product, however, such colourants are obviously artificial and have no benefits except for what they do. The effects may be harmful.

CI 26100 a.k.a Sudan III: This is a colourant, it gives a red-ish hue to the product. The effects may be harmful.

For the most part, the ingredients used are quite standard to what you may see in hair serums. Silicones, moisturisers and colourants. I hadn't made the decision to go cruelty-free back when I purchased this bottle. 

The main issues I have are with the colourants, I know that sometimes it's safe or "okay" to use is restricted quantities but I'd really rather not if I can find a more natural alternative, preferably something I can DIY. 

My Experience Using the GK Hair Serum With Juvexin

I'll be honest, I know when one buys hair styling products it can be impossible to avoid chemicals and artificial colours, preservatives, colourants etc. The reason I bought this product was for when I would style my hair, and by that I mean when I would use heat on my hair. 

I do not use hair serums daily. I only need one when I wish to protect or rather lessen the hair caused by heat styling. I have naturally curly and fine hair. Silicones do protect your hair against heat damage. 

TIP : I would never use a hair serum believing it will produce long-lasting results for my hair. Hairstyling products moisturise your hair for the short-term, for long-term, you need to work on your diet, stay hydrated and take care of your hair for them to be soft, lustrous and manageable.

I used this hair serum for the time it lasted (3 years) because I used it only when heat styling and I do believe it did its job well. For me, it had one job, protect my hair against heat damage. Which it did as it is filled with silicones.

I would never recommend heat styling every day without a rigorous hair-care regime, and a diet aimed at giving you good hair. But that's just me. My mom had thin and fine hair, and my dad was bald for most of his life. I'm not blessed with good genes so my only option is to take care of myself enough to hopefully not end up being a baldie at a young age.

The pros

  • It protects against heat damage
  • Makes your hair instantly manageable
  • Smells great
  • Might repair some amounts of hair damage (thanks to juvexin)
  • Great for severely damaged hair

The cons

  • It is not cruelty-free.
  • Colourants have been subject to harmful side-effects
  • Silicones can cause build-up if not washed properly
  • It made my hair feel quite dry after 3-4 days (this maybe because I have curly hair that tends to become dry very easily).

Will I buy this product again?

Well, no. The reason being it is not cruelty-free and I made the decision to go cruelty-free as of late. And I'm not happy with the CI 26100 that has been put in a toxic list in Canada. I'm pretty sure it's allowed in India as most toxic substances are 🙄 but that's an issue for another time. 

I hope this helps you make a better decision on whether you would like to purchase this hair serum or not.

I do know that the colourants have been deemed safe to use in restricted quantities but, being the sensitive person that I am, I just don't wish to take a risk.

It is available for purchase on Amazon though if you've decided to get it.

Are there any alternatives you suggest?

Ah, I wish there was a cruelty-free heat protectant serum I could recommend that is available in India. However, I prefer this hair styling cream instead as it is cruelty-free, vegan and uses natural ingredients but it doesn't say it is a heat protectant. I believe the ingredients though should protect your strands though as they are very moisturising in nature. 

Currently, I'm using this hair serum. This one is also not cruelty-free but is a heat protectant, at the time of purchase, I just couldn't find a cruelty-free hair serum, since I only need to buy one once every 3 years I think it's okay to be using this one product. I do plan to review it soon.

Once I run out of this serum, I might buy the hairstyling cream I mentioned or if I have enough money saved up for a Dyson, then that.

I hope you liked my review. I poured out a lot of hours to help make this review as detailed as possible so you can make the right choice yourself! All opinions are my own.

I hope you help me keep this blog up and running by donating to my blog if you like the content that I create. It really means a lot to me! See you in the comments down below. 

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