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21 January 2020

Product Review: Inalsa Handy Steam Garment Steamer

inalsa handy steam garment steamer close up shot

I purchased the Inalsa Handy Steam Garment Steamer back in 2018, so this review is actually long overdue. But in the entire year, well, almost a year I was able to check the product and it's built, along with its durability. So, it makes this review all the more detailed.

To give you a general review, I am impressed with the product and how it works. I like its quality and think that it is one of those value-for-money products.

Amazon Delivery And Packaging

Sometimes, just sometimes, amazon likes to take its sweet time delivering products even if you have their prime membership. This was not such a time. The product was timely delivered and came wrapped securely in bubble wraps.

The package was not bent either.

Product Packaging

inalsa hand steamer box

The product came with decent information on the cardboard box in which the product was actually placed. There was warranty information, a shot of the product itself and, a closeup and proper labelling on the box.

The packaging was sturdy and strong enough to protect the product inside from any harm.  I was quite happy with how it reached me with no physical damage or defect out of the box, which is thanks to amazon.

Product Quality

inalsa hand steamer review

My biggest concerns when I was placing the order for this steamer was actually the quality of the product, especially because it is a budget product. Fortunately, the build of the product is quite sturdy and solid. The plastic is of decent quality, the handle is placed securely.

And while it may not be anything too fancy, it does the job well.

The Pros 

front view inalsa garment steamer

  • A budget-friendly option
  • Decent quality 
  • Durable (if used and cared for properly)
  • Works well on all kinds of clothing
  • Comes with an attachment for removing creases

The cons

backside view of the inalsa hand steamer

  • I found the tank to be quite small, especially it only lasts for one 2 shirts or one bigger piece of cloth. Then, you have to wait for it to cool off, and you can add in the water again. This becomes an inconvenience when you are batching tasks, like only ironing clothes on a particular day. The workaround to this is to only iron your clothes when you are to wear them, this is what has been working best for me. 
  • There is no hanger for clothes, and so, if you don't have a place to hang your clothes you'll need to find one. Please do not try to hold the cloth you are steaming in your hand, the steam could hurt you and do not place the clothes on your bed and try to use it the way you would an iron, this risks leakage and you might suffer from burning. I have a dedicated place for ironing in my room where I have put in a spare hanger and hang my clothes there when steaming them, you could do the same.
  • The wire is adequate, I just wish it was longer for my peace of mind and more room, not everyone has many wall outlets and spacing.

How to properly care for your hand steamer

inalsa steamer without attachment

Like any electrical product, make sure you clean it using a dry cloth, regularly to avoid an accumulation of dust. Consider washing the inside tank by filtered water only, no soap or detergents etc. but do this regularly as well otherwise white scales (I don't know what it is) tend to form inside the tank and then your product doesn't function properly anymore until you clean them out.

The crease removing attachment is, obviously detachable so make sure you clean the head and the attachment properly after every use. It can get dirty too. I don't use tap water when I fill the tank up for ironing, instead, I use drinking water, I have noticed that it helps my products that require water work longer. 

As always, after use, wait for the product to cool down before trying to clean it. You don't want to risk burning yourself, don't let children use it and don't keep it glued to your wall outlet. 

Do I recommend the product?

Yes, it's budget-friendly and I bought it on 17th October 2018, it still works like a charm. It comes with a 2-year warranty and hopefully, it will still work after that as well, I will update this review to let you all know if it's still working.

Where can you buy the product?

As a busy solopreneur, I do 80% of my shopping online, If I can't find something online, I hit local markets. I believe you can find it in local markets if you prefer that, but I bought mine online on amazon.

What makes me frown?

I have been trying my very best to reduce the use of plastic in our house, I don't like products that are not eco-friendly or can't be recycled because otherwise I'm just burdening the planet I live on. I hate to admit that I don't know whether this product is eco-friendly or can be recycled. If someone using the product can let me know it would be great but I'm going to ask the manufacturer and hope to be able to update this article soon.

The problem is, I don't think products like such could be 100% recyclable, yet they are needed. So, I try to take extra care of this product so I can extend its shelf life and hopefully, cause a little less damage to the planet.

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