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25 April 2020

Jumanji: The Next Level Movie Review

Last weekend I decided to watch Jumanji: The Next Level as I had previously watched Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and loved every bit of it.

The nation-wide lockdown has really challenged most of us to find creative things to do and keep our minds engaged. Watching a movie, is one such fun activity.

You'll enjoy being entertained, and it'll help you relax.

So let's get into my review of the movie.

Jumanji: The Next Level

My Rating:

In short, if you like adventure, and fantasy genres you'll like this. My reasons for watching were obviously the women in action, and Dwayne Johnson. Am I allowed to fan-girl for a moment?

I was very curious about what adventures await these four in this second adventure. And I was impressed because, it wasn't anything I went in hoping for.

If you've ever wondered what going into a video game would be like, this is definitely for you!

There's more craziness, fun, adventure and entertainment in in this one. If you've not watched the previous one, I'd recommend watching it just for a background, and well that one was fun too.

As a person I enjoy watching light-hearted movies that can lift my mood up or transport me into a place I've not seen before. This was both.

I'm trying my best not to give any spoilers here. If you've watched the first part, you'll know what you'll be expecting in some degree, but trust me it's going to be more fun.

Overall, I think it was a good movie I'd definitely watch again and is going in my recommended list. It's available on Prime Video too if you have that.

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