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2 May 2020

Declutter Time: Organising A Small Storage Box

organising a small storage box

We lead extremely busy lives, and with that comes shortage of time. All this leads to lots and lots of clutter getting accumulated without us ever becoming aware of it. Yikes!

Covid-19 has really challenged us to stay at home, all the time. So, if you're searching for things to do with your free time, I can give you a suggestion. Declutter and Organise.

Take out things you've tucked away for "later" get organising, deep clean your room and let go of things you no longer need!

It only takes some minutes, really. And if you make this a habit, and do it once every few days you'll again end up with mess and junk you don't want or need but still have. I started with the most important room for me in the house. My room.

It serves two purposes, I spend most of my time in my room because it is my office and the place I relax at. During the day, as someone who works from home, I have two dedicates spaces in two corners of my room that serve as my offices.

And then I have my bed in the other corner, the place where I like to rest.

I was inspired by minimalism and mindful consumerism habits, hence I'm on a mission, to get rid of the clutter first in my room then the entire house. At the same time, I wish to keep everything organised so as to avoid cluttering again.

Getting organised has been one of the biggest challenges in my life, and this year I'm set on changing that habit and becoming more organised.

My Decluttering Steps

unorganised storage box

I decided to take a small box kept in one of my portable closets out, declutter and organise it. It had all sorts of papers that needed to be shredded, some of my craft supplies tossed on top (glue gun), some of my vitamin C tablets (prescribed by my doctor), some self-care supplies (pumice stone and such) and some accessories such as shades and glasses.

Talk about being all over the place?

I started by categorising the things into categories:

  • medicines (go into my kitchen)
  • Self-care supplies (either in the bathroom or my closet)
  • Accessories (in my almirahs)
This led to an empty box! 🤣 well, who would have thought, right?

Re-purposing my storage box

NOTE : I don't buy plastic storage boxes anymore. Ever since I started taking the planet we live on more seriously, I only use cardboard boxes from my amazon deliveries (I cover the up with pretty paper to make it more pleasing to the eye), or I use jute bags, wooden baskets or any other material I can find that is not plastic.

organised storage box

I ended up using this box to store my product review supplies for this blog, these supplies are empties of products I've used and actually likes. Once I'm done reviewing them, I will be emptying the box, new product empties might fill it or it will be used for storing other things.

As I'm going through my entire room, my portable closet has been very useful! This box is currently kept in that closet, and once I'm done downsizing the things I own, I will be able to fold this down and store it in the storage under my bed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, and it has inspired you to declutter and organise around your house too!

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