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18 September 2020

Do It Yourself (DIY): Mini Watercolour Paintings

diy watercolor mini paintings

I love making mini watercolour paintings, they're like little thumbnails. Snippets, if you'd like to call them that. I got into the habit of making mini thumbnails for each design and concept I wanted to explore by learning about design and art over the years.

This one online class I took emphasised on making mini thumbnail to become a better artist and it really stayed with me. Recently browsing through my favourite platform for online learning I came across this class.

It was the same concept, but with a really cool twist with it. She was teaching how to make small polaroid mini watercolour paintings. Being the watercolour crazed person that I am, I just had to enroll myself in her class.

That's where I learned to make these. I honestly loved this class so much that I'll probably try all her classes and paint more stuff. 

Now, let's get into how to make your own mini paintings.

Things you'll need

TIP : When trying to source materials it's possible to have common items that you already own. In such cases, you can use whatever you have. I don't encourage wastage and believe in conscious consumerism. Because all kinds of people, beginners and advanced watercolourists read these tutorials I've done my best to source the materials I use and recommend. If you like other brands, or have some other brands in possession then feel free to use them, these materials listed are for your reference and to make it easier for you to easily source all required materials for this project. I have also attached my kit to make it even easier for you to source materials in this blog post.

Getting Started

use masking tape to secure your watercolour paper in place

I always start by securing my paper with masking tape so that it doesn't move when I'm working with wet paper. You'll place the tape on all sides, and then one vertically and one horizontally in the centre.

This will divide your paper into 4 equal parts. 

Sketch it out

The next step is to sketch all four paintings, you can make anything you like. For me, I followed along with this class. Once your sketches are done, you're ready to start painting.

Start Laying in the colours

start laying in the colours

You'll want to start laying colours at this point when using watercolours always make sure to go from light to darker values. This means you use less colour in the first few washes so that you can build it up later as per your need.

INFO : Never paint two adjoining areas at the same time, the water will make the paint bleed in and your painting may get muddy or produce colours that shouldn't be existing in the painting at all.

Build up your paint

start building your colours

As I mentioned earlier,  laying down you'll be laying down multiple washes of colours. Slowly building them up to the desired result you want to produce.

Making the final touches

making the final touches

Once your paintings are done, you'll be adding some final touches with white watercolour, to build the stars, and moon if you're painting galaxies like I did. I know some people like to use white gel pen or gouache for these but if you are like me, you can even get away with letting these mini paintings dry and then using minimal water and more white colour add all your details in.

Final Piece

I hope you like how they turned out. These particular ones are available in my Patreon shop for you to claim. If you want to claim them as a subscriber gift. Any subscriber who has pledged $50/month on Patreon can claim any gift each month from my patreon shop.

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