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11 September 2020

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review

Star Wars the force awakens movie review moodboard

My Rating:

I'll have to admit, I heard about star wars when I was just a kid. I'm fairly new to this... fandom. I had never watched a single Star Wars prior to 2020. And I'm happy to confirm that I did miss out, I finally understand and obsess about the right things in my life. And no, this isn't sarcasm.

Obviously for me, I watched the movie on Hotstar. But it's also available on iTunes/Apple TV and YouTube for rent or purchase on both platforms. I prefer watching my movies on a streaming service if it's available and I'm already paying for it. Helps save money, by not having to rent every movie out there. 

Anyway, please bear with me as I'd never watched Star Wars and do not wish to offend the fans. I might make comments that fans may or may not agree with leading to subsequent triggering... or not. You get the point, right? Forgive my foolishness?

But if you've decided to not read the rest of the review, you should know, I kinda liked the movie.

I actually watched the last one in the sequel trilogy first without knowing that it's a sequel trilogy. And I felt disconnected, it was a good watch and that was that. 

One conversation later; with a friend who has been a Star Wars fan all his life and a series of calling "Kylo Ren", "Kyle" and then being corrected, I watched this movie. 

I have to admit, the more I watched, the more I learned about the Star Wars world the more attached I grew to the characters and their struggles, their small wins, fighting to live another day and the way the characters were being developed.

Star Wars the force awakens movie review and moodboard

What I Liked

If you haven't already watched the movie I suggest you do because you'll like it. As I'm not some critic for me, the movie falls under the fantasy/Sci-Fi category and if those are genres you enjoy, you'll like the movie.

I liked how the movie just flowed, how each character was introduced and the mood it set by doing so. There wasn't a single time in the movie where I felt like it's okay to look away from a scene as I won't miss a lot. This for me is very important. When you're hooked onto it, when you don't want to miss a single second because the movie is that interesting to you.

Also, it would be unfair to mention things I liked about the movie if I didn't mention BB-8, your friendly droid version of having pets in the Star Wars future? But he wasn't just that. He was adorable, yup, that's what he was. By the way, I'm still confused whether BB-8 is a girl or boy droid? 

Spoiler's Ahead

What I disliked

I like watching movies, but more often than not it's just not possible to capture the amount of details that add to the story on screen, for example, what the characters are thinking at that moment when they are interacting with either their surroundings or each other, such details are unfortunately always missed in movies.

Thankfully, you can read up on owing to the novelisation of the movies, which you can order through Amazon or read it on your Kindle.

But I definitely think the movie is worth watching whether you have read the novel or not, I do recommend reading it though if you're one of those who like reading books.

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And here are some places you can to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens online or read the novels.

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