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5 November 2020

Painting Digitally: Hair Study #1

My hair painting and study process in digital art

I have been wanting to learn and improve my art ever since I graduated and decided to follow all my passions and better myself through life-long learning. I love making art, however, there have been times I have completely given up on it and have re-started, I think it's pretty normal especially if your livelihood is not dependent on your art and it's more a hobby to you. 

I paint, whether using traditional forms or digital means whenever I can because I enjoy it. The reason behind any kind of study is so that you may improve at it. For me, I really struggle with anatomy and of course hair. 

I have enrolled myself in many courses online to improve upon my drawing skills. And if there's one thing I've learned from all of them is that you need to study and practice if you want to improve on something. Theory needs to be put in practice or else you won't see results.

I am actually following through a painting course and the concept of the painting itself is from there, however, it's hard for me to tell what the instructor is thinking while doing a particular action, so I had to take things into my own hands. 

I then went on to my favourite platform to learn how hair is shaded and after getting that clarity I started the painting process. This is the final result of the hair study. 

Is it perfect, I don't think so but by doing many more and re-doing my courses, I know I'll see an improvement for sure.

painting hair digitally process

What do you think

If you're learning to paint hair as well here are some classes I recommend:

Attending these classes has really made me able to understand the structure of hair and improve upon the way I paint hair. These classes are just amazing! (you can attend these classes for free for a month using any of the links above).

You can learn more about my process over on Patreon if you have pledged in any tier. Remember to always think about lighting and shadow and making sure your sketches are anatomically correct.

I go into more details on this subject on Patreon if you would like to pledge and learn directly from me! You'll get to unlock exclusive content, rewards and access to my private community on discord for all my patrons.