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20 February 2020

Organising My Almirah

20 February 2020
my almirah clothing section

I will not lie, I used to be a very disorganised person. VERY. Until recently. I was one of those people that would never find what they were looking for, piles of clothes lying around here and there, cosmetics and my room looked less like a room and more like a storage room that you rarely visit which gathers dust.

And I was never really happy because I never knew what I had in my almirahs, and many times things went missing and I would never notice until the last moment!

It was the height of being disorganised. Yes that's who I was and maybe it's still a part of me because it's so easy to be lazy, you know?

Working from home has given me the freedom of living at home, comfortably so and working in my pyjamas. It does have it's drawbacks like I don't go out very often and things and family distractions can really get in the way too.

This year though, I decided to change that. I decided I don't want to be living in a room that looks crowded and just ugly because a certain 25 year old is feeling too lazy to move her ass.

And so, I went on a mission to clean and organise my almirahs. Watching Alejandra on YouTube really motivated me to work on my own organising systems, and letting go of things I no longer love, need or use.

It has been a conscious decision as I slowly move towards a eco-friendly, sustainable and zero-waste living.

My main goal for now is minimalism, and consumerism with a conscious.

01. Organising clothes

second almirah top shelf

I decided to fold and organise clothes in the top shelves in both my almirahs, this was because both the top shelves are large and have rods for hanging clothes.

I need to organise my hangers and plan to swap them out for aesthetic purposes later. Currently they are all bought from Amazon, and I will be swapping them out for these ones.

I got rid of all the clothes that were usable but I was no longer going to wear and gave them to the helps in the house.

Keeping only those that I love, wear and need.

02. Organising my vanity and cosmetics and skin and hair care products

bottom shelf first almirah

As you can see, I have used the bottom shelf to keep my makeup and cosmetics, hair care and skin care items and other related items. I like to use storage boxes to organise everything and sometimes even re-use amazon packaging boxes for storing things in.

Basically mixing up boxes I have lying around and buying some from amazon.

In the second shelf:

second bottom shelf

You'll find a recycled box I'm using for storing things that are small. A beautiful tissue box, my favourite products and more. It's everything I need kept in an easy to use and access way.

03. Making extra space 

Sometimes you can use innovative products like these white storage shelves I have to increase the amount of space you have which is not being optimised properly. Or using multi-layer hangers to combine clothes into one space.

I have an entire wishlist on amazon dedicated to buying more storage items as and when I can to make my storage and organisation systems even more effective.

I hope this helps you in understanding how you can organise your space effectively. Let me know of your thoughts and comments down below as I'd love to hear your feedback.

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