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Hi there!

I'm a 25 years old girl (would you prefer woman, at this age?) and simply put, I love to read and write.

This is my lifestyle blog. After having gotten into blogging in late 2014, and making it a full-time career, I decided to go into design and code. I taught myself everything I could about design and code and retired from my then co-owned blog with my sister.

Education And Early Life

I'm Zera Zoya and I have a Bachelor's in Political Science. I love the discipline and would love to help others understand it as well.

This space is dedicated to Political Science, and I aim for it to be a Political Science Resource for all students and aspiring minds. I believe that Political Science is a very important discipline and not just students of the discipline but others as well should know about it so that they may understand the day-to-day happenings and understand what their governments and institutions are doing for them.

A general understanding of the subject and what it entails will help people to know right from wrong and form their opinions based on their knowledge and not what they have 'heard' from other people they know.

The first step at being a good citizen is to know and understand how these institutions work and why they were set up, only then can we hope to know which institutions carry our best interests in mind.

I hope you like my work and my attempt to not only help all students of the discipline but also help others to understand Political Science as an area of study.

I also have a post-graduate diploma in Journalism and Mass communication. I plan on writing on the subject more at a later date someday when I have more time.

As a child, I was very creative but being born in India my parents just like almost every other parent never thought creativity could ever lead to a sustainable life. I remember being a good student, I was always disciplined and many would like to call me, "teacher's pet".

I liked being good in studies because it made me feel like I was doing something of importance. The decision to take a creative route in my career was scary but I'm glad I did it.

Lifestyle, Habits, And Homemaking

As I've grown, I have become more and more more interested in sustainable living, minimalism, zero-waste living, being eco-friendly and going cruelty-free (started that recently).

So you'll definitely be seeing more of that. I'm currently studying more and more about nutrition, wellness, weightloss, and over all wellbeing.

Due to a poor lifestyle I was diagnosed with hypothyroid, hormonal imbalance and anaemia. This plunged me into getting more into nutrition and I'm reading more and more about these diseases and sharing my journey here with you.

I am not a doctor hence I can't offer you and diagnosis or treatment, my journey is just that. Please always consult your doctor before following a new routine.

It's my intention to write more about living with minimalism, saving money and budgeting, organising and homemaking. I believe these are all essential skills that add value to life and hence I'd like to share more about my lifestyle with you.


If you like my content, and the honesty and transparency I maintain on my blog please consider donating to my blog and help me keep the blog afloat.

Anything you donate will always used to make the blog better, allow me to dedicate more time to the blog and make better quality content by investing in products, education, buying books and more.

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